Why Gul Ahmed Is Best Among the Rest

Over the past few years, countless brands and designers have stepped into the world of Pakistani fashion, or should I say the Lawn Industry!!!..  Well, No matter how many new brands and talented designers hit the market in summer season with their new and irresistible collection of lawn; Gul Ahmed has its own place. Gul Ahmed is not a new name which needs introduction, but it is one of those pioneer brands who have given inspiration to many young and talented designers in the fashion industry.

Decades ago, it was only Gul Ahmed that dominated the fashion sense of Pakistani women when there wasn’t any concept of designer lawn in Pakistan. They have created a strong brand image in the market with their high quality fabric and unique designs.

This year Gul Ahmed was the first to launch its summer collection in February. And since it is launched, I have been seeing Gul Ahmed outlets crowded with all the fashion conscious ladies and girls. Breathtaking and countless designs, amazing colour combos and excellent embroidery is the main recipe of Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn 2015.

After checking out some really cool designs over the internet by Gul Ahmed, I decided to buy 2 lawn dresses, one for me and another one for my mom. And to make my shopping more simple and real quick, I placed my order at one of the best online shopping sites in Pakistan and TADA! I received my order within 2 days.

Gul Ahmed Lawn, I Ordered for My Mom
Gul Ahmed Embroidered Lawn for Me :p 

Just like a crazy shopaholic, I was excited to see my order. The quality of the fabric was excellent, design was quite unique and the best part, embroidery on the fabric was looking beautiful and attractive. A few days later another designer lawn was launched which is quite popular among young girls (here I am sure that all the ladies would agree that we can’t resist ourselves from buying at least 8 to 12 designer lawn joras every year. Though, if you are crazier than me, you can buy more than this 😉 ) So I went to the site again and picked up a dress from that designer collection. The design was looking good, embroidery was decent and another thing that grabbed my attention was “The Shoot”.  Yes, the shoot of that designer lawn attracted me the most. So without any further delay I placed my order, received it with the same excitement but nooo!!!… My happiness didn’t last any longer when I opened up the package. The quality of the fabric was poor, colors that were looking bright and beautiful in the images was dull and fade in reality. Conclusion: I wasted my money.

I Had a Bad Experience With You 😦

Yet, Gul Ahmed never disappointed me. Whether you look over the fabric or not, Gul Ahmed is a brand, you can count on.

To find out a little bit more about other designer lawns (because of-course I wanted to buy them) I started my research by checking out some customer reviews on different facebook pages. And that is what I saw about the lawn I bought…


No matter how hard the page admin was trying to convince the lady, she was telling what she had experienced. After reading that and after having the worst experience, I am definitely never ever going to buy that lawn again.

So here was another shopping story of mine. But do tell me which lawn did you find the best in summer 2015. My vote goes to ……………… well, haha! It is hard to decide, because my shopping journey has not ended yet……


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