Childhood Memories! Buddi K Baal


Finally I found it. Yayy! It’s been quite a few days that I was in a search of yummylicious cotton candy (buddi K Baal – that we use to call it in childhood) and today when my mom and sister were going to drop me at my workplace, my mom spotted a candy man outside a private school :-). Although I am too old to have cotton candy now but age doesn’t matter specially when your mom still treats you as a kid 😉

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Taher Shah is on LinkedIn! Are You Kidding Me???

After spending a boring and laziest day, I picked up my phone and started listening to music, browsed some websites, played candy crush :p and after I finished my all the lives, I logged-in to LinkedIn. After going through some of the job postings and updates, guess what I saw!!!!….. A status update that shocked me for a moment. And my reaction was like WHAT! Taher Shah is on LinkedIn! Am I dreaming or is it a reality! What is he doing here? Hahaha…. But then I realized he isn’t doing anything wrong, in-fact there are a lot of people in my professional circle who are posting senseless and unprofessional things on LinkedIn. And after all, he is Taher Shah and he can do anything to reach his fans and followers even if it’s LinkedIn platform. So what he basically posted on LinkedIn? Here is the screenshot.

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Why Gul Ahmed Is Best Among the Rest

Over the past few years, countless brands and designers have stepped into the world of Pakistani fashion, or should I say the Lawn Industry!!!..  Well, No matter how many new brands and talented designers hit the market in summer season with their new and irresistible collection of lawn; Gul Ahmed has its own place. Gul Ahmed is not a new name which needs introduction, but it is one of those pioneer brands who have given inspiration to many young and talented designers in the fashion industry.

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